B2B Stock

Re-order In a Faster Way


B2B Stock

Re-ordering Platform

B2B stock reordering platform is built to transform the conventional ways of retail businesses ordering from the distributor or headquarter to better structured digital style. You need to consider SRP to help automate the stock reordering processes, organize better distribution to outlets & retails, carry in-depth product trend analysis and monitor other performances.

In the B2B stock reordering platform, the outlets & retails or franchises can restock online with the headquarter (HQ). Auto procurement can be produced and the inventory can be auto updated seamlessly. This helps business owner and franchise owner to reduce restocking time, reduce human errors and better product trend can be studied, thus reducing stock-up cost and encouraging higher efficiency.


  • Stock alert system

  • Reduce reordering error

  • Reduce operation cost

  • Better product trend analysis

  • Better stock-up forecast

  • Reporting 24/7

Suitable industries:

Almost all industries, such as:

  • Oil & gas

  • Hardware sectors

  • Manufacturing

  • Retails

  • Commercial

  • Automotive

  • FMCG

  • • Pharmaceutical / pharmacy / medical


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