Better Project Management


Project Management System

Having troubles in organizing and structuring your resources, time and project arrangement? MAD Our project management system is to help you in reducing all the hectic that you could encounter and imagine during a project preparation stage, pre-sales stage and the post project stage.

Detailed inventory system and staffs management are included at the master admin portal to ease and automate the store management, job management and of course, to populate the business intelligence dashboard information. Other than that, we have included basic Human Resources (HR) features as well, for example: attendance by GPS at work stations, leaves application via the mobile app and advance salary is allowed with different threshold.

With all the data collected, business owner and managerial team can analyse the lead time for a project to be pre-analysed, conducted and the quality of the projects. KPIs such as team’s KPI, individual KPI can be justified better and forecast can be done better! Every business has different needs, we welcome white-labelling and customization for sure!


  • Business intelligence dashboard

  • Reduce management error

  • Reduce operation cost

  • Improve efficiency

  • Performance monitoring

  • Reporting 24/7

Suitable industries:

  • Real estate development

  • Construction line

  • Maintenance services


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